Into the thick of life

Hey everyone…
How’ve u been?

Outside the weather is a grey white, chilly and snowing is threatening to arrive..
So I am inside, between class commitments with a frothy Stella Artois…

How do you do mornings?

I read this article:

Experiment on being an early bird

…and it made me think…since I was a kid, sleeping in hasn’t been the easiest thing for me to do. I’m a slave to the circadian rhythyms of, sun goes down/sleep, sun comes up/awaken, regardless of how rested you feel.

Conversely, my wife B, is a night owl and when she’s feeling nervous about things, i.e, she’s back to school tomorrow, she busies herself at ungodly hours with less than quiet endeavours. For example, this morning at 4am:

My eyes shoot open, my mint green blanket over my face and my limbs splayed out across the bed defying gravity.

what the….?

the lights in the kitchen are on, I can see it through a crack in the upstairs door, I hear movement in the kitchen, industrious and uncoordinated movement.

I lumber up the stairs making a pit stop at the bathroom.

I open the door to see my wife in the midst of a baking frenzy.

hey, can’t sleep? feeling nervous?

I say in a haze of sleep myself.

She stops kneading dough and comes for a hug and a snuggle. I can’t be mad at her for waking me up. This is how she deals with her anxiety. I think it’s neat that she gets more done between 1 and 5 am than I do in my 12 hour day.

I sleep on the sofa with her snuggled against me watching television and waiting for delicious bread to rise.

Collapsed from exhaustion several hours later, she comes back to bed and I pop up for fresh bread and a new day.