Why Hello There!

Yep, this is me, in all my…glory?

Well, anyway. Let me tell you the reason behind this blog.

Late January – I was happily recovering from minor surgery, suffered a setback. Doctors explained it will be a long-ass time before I would be going back to work.  Sounds awesome right?!! Nope. Not if you’re me.

I have NEVER enjoyed too much free time. I’m sure therapists/shrinks could assess the circumstances of having too much time alone with your thoughts and what that means…but who cares?!

It is the hope (or secret prayer) that I can give my fb account a rest and channel my desire to write and the potpourri of things that interest me can come together here in some semblance of order in the chaos.

It delights me that you’re reading this by the way 🙂

You’re welcome to join the fantastic voyage.

Ciaran aka Monkiss

p.s you will definitely notice some rookie mistakes as this is my first blog, your advice is respectfully declined 😉