Her images would be short-changed if only worth 1000 words

My friend Dhara is an amazing photographer.

We met in a volunteer training group for a very worthwhile organization and I had missed the ice breaker session.

Along with a slowly dwindling group of interesting men and women, the nature of our training had us slowly open ourselves to one another, fears, traumas and triumphs. During last spring and summer, we all spent chilly evenings that turned into hot summer nights testing our mettle for this challenging and emotional job.

A few dear friendships bloomed over the course of that summer and Dhara was one of them for me. I remember observing her thoughtful comments and being blown away by the strength she must have as her story unfurled like a tapestry in front of our eyes. As I got to know her and saw what beautiful pictures she produced, I thought it only right to share with the world, her talent and eye for the world.

So thanks friend, for sharing your gift and yourself with the rest of us volunteers. I value the opportunity to get to know you.