Take what you want from this, but for me however- online dating is why I married my soulmate. I was honest about what I looked like and who I was…if humans didn’t spend every waking moment lying our faces off to make ourselves look like something we’re not, we might improve our chances of making meaningful connections. But you decide and let me know what you think!


Let the cynical person do the research, because without doubt we have nothing to question.

More and more people are feeling comfortable talking about their online dating experiences, or even admitting to the fact that they’ve turned to the internet in order to find a mate.  It was not long ago that most people would feel very embarrassed to say that they had a dating profile online because we once associated that with desperation.  Before “Online Dating”, these types of services were associated with those “Video Dating” services that “completely helpless” people used, or at least that’s how they were portrayed in the media.

It’s probably best described in the “Lowered Expectations” segments that were so popular in the 90’s on Mad TV.  (Hey, I remember when I was 12 and I thought Mad TV was genius!)  Those skits showed the saddest and most pathetic people on the planet making…

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