Sometimes whenI…

Sometimes when I wake up, it’s weird, for a few moments, a few hours, I ‘forget’ the illness.

I feel normal and centred and then, it’s like a muscle memory – you move a certain way;

think a certain thought.

Snap, ouch, that’s right, that pain….you’re still there.


It is no wonder so many people with mental illnesses are substance abusers.

Wouldn’t it be nice to take a vacation from yourself for a few hours, an evening, a few days if you dare?

I don’t dare…been there, done it, not going to go back, chilling with meditation, saying my chants and being mindful is harder, but there’s no hangover/coming down feeling to make you feel shittier.

Find your “thing” that makes life worth it…for an hour at a time.

Be kind whenever possible 



5 thoughts on “Sometimes whenI…

  1. Been there – soooo done that. I know this is going to sound impossible, but don’t let it have you. Take yourself back. You don’t know how to know, but you will know the moment when you are faced with that choice. Hard to explain, but remember this when you get there. You aren’t alone and you never will be. Hugs to you!

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