A Love letter to my wife

Dear B.

Your presence in my life is what I imagine it was like when oxygen first entered my lungs as a newborn.

All you were was an idea of hope toward love that was a wish come true.

When your musical voices sings a song whose lyrics are all the repeating of my name like a mantra, I smile that someone loves me this much.

I like your annoying habits, our intimate jokes and the sound of your raucous laughter from several rooms away.

As much as I tried to maintain that tough exterior, that person I fooled the rest of the world with, you sliced through all pretense and never let me deny my sensitivity; though I’d love to most days.

Your silly dances, your sexy ones too. The way your hair falls on my face in a snuggle and the way you pet the back of my head when it’s fresh-shaved are small and significant things.

I am grateful, even when we’re angry, to have you and to love you.

A sweet and warm presence in a world that’s just waiting for me drop my fists enough to get in that sucker punch.

That is you my love.

I am now and always will be – ever yours. ciaran


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