How do you sleep at night?

After 8 weeks of days and nights filled with waiting and healing and doctors appointments, I am trying to reset my circadian rhythym.

If left to my own devices, I become a nocturnal creature, savouring the silence like warm caramel and letting it roll about under the warmth of my tongue.

Sleep. Normally I love to sleep, but it’s difficult when velcro straps, sutures and a variety of equipment gets stuck beneath blankets. It’s bondage without the partner or the fun…plenty of pain however!

And ‘spring ahead’ don’t get me started on daylight savings time. I wish I could operate in my old little vaccuum.

Alas, I’ll probaby be awake until the sun comes up and crankily get in a nap before bed Monday night.

I’m sure I’ll meet my wife on the stairs as she awakens for morning meditation.

What do you do to help you fall asleep?

If you could ignore time, would you be nocturnal or the much-hated morning person?




4 thoughts on “How do you sleep at night?

  1. I stay up as late as I can. My eyes will be burning and I am probably falling asleep but, I force myself to stay awake. Until I can’t. Hope you have a good sleep!

  2. It takes meds to get me to sleep, Especially when I am manic. I am mostly a nocturnal person now. I still however am very much of a morning person too. I get my best sleep after I do my blogging and feed all the animals, and take the dog out. I can sleep like a baby after that lol. Hey Im sorry that you are in pain friend. I didn’t realize that you were going through this ordeal, or It slipped my greasy mind. Hope you get healed up soon. My prayers are with ya

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