Too Beautiful

It’s much too nice a day to stay inside. The weather is beautiful, sunny, not warm, but actually hot!

Me and my book hobble to the front door to get some much-needed vitamin D.

I’m so lucky to live across the street from a lovely treed park and a playground.

It gives me a chance to indulge in one of my favourite activities; people watching.

While sitting on my front step, reading in the warm spring sun, I watched a man and his daughter. He looked to be a young Dad and she was about three.

He was watching her with pride and encouragement as she climbed the structure, close enough to see to a skinned knee, but far enough away to say “I trust you,” to her.

“Look at me!” she called, climbing a little higher than maybe she did on their last park visit.

“That’s amazing!” He replied, “you’re doing awesome!”

I’m not a parent yet, but I see myself being like this guy.

In very early life, about 2 or 3, my Dad used to take me to the park like that, it’s a cherished memory from when I was a kid.

We would play on the old statues, feed the ducks, play on the swings, it was a very large city park that you could easily spend the whole day at as a child and I spent many days as a kid swimming in the big pool, running through the bushes and playing on the tire swings.

What reminds you of summer as a child?


4 thoughts on “Too Beautiful

  1. The smell of the water in the garden hose makes me think of being a child in the summertime. that is where us kids always got a drink of water while we were playing.

    • isn’t it the best? when you’re too busy having fun to waste precious time to the kitchen..i loved being a kid….still do šŸ˜›

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