Douchebags Among Us

Don’t get the impression that you arouse my anger. You see, one can only be angry with those he respects.

I suppose furious is more like it.

In my local community, a social media group event was mobilised to help protest the denial of city funding for a women’s shelter.

This shelter is known for helping women and children escape domestic violence.

One woman wrote a long rant, as did a lot of us, about how the city found money for business projects and a new sports complex but not for the women’s shelter.

Then another person proceeded to cut that woman down by insulting her grammar and spelling. On a blog supporting an event to raise funds for violence against women, here was this person, shitting on a woman for not having perfect spelling and grammar.

I flew into a rage.

I had to know who this person is that decided to come down on a woman who maybe, wasn’t well-educated, who was raising children, maybe low income, because maybe she has other shit to worry about aside from how well she writes.

Maybe she had escaped a violent spouse and was expressing her outrage as a result. Who cares why she was commenting, it was her right, she has freedom of speech.

Ofcourse, the offending human who was reprimanding this woman’s spelling was a man.

What the fuck?!

Excuse my language but the sad irony is disgusting.

Here we are, participating in a dialogue about how to protect women from violence and here he is, this insect of a human being telling this woman he disapproves of her grammar.

I have no respect for people like that.

Well, in general I have no respect for people but I try to keep that under wraps as best I can.

I have a brother, male friends and co-workers that I like so don’t paint me with the brush of lesbian, feminist, man basher, but this guy makes me feel the following:

“There are two perfectly good men, one dead and the other unborn.”