Get Uncomfortable

It might be hard for us to get past our own privilege, whatever it might be.

For me it’s being white, able-bodied and of reasonable economic means being born in the first world and being an English speaker. My disadvantages come in being born a female, married to another female.

The link below is to a female university professor who wrote an interesting article about her own privilege and getting to identify others and how we might all remedy that.

Sure we might think, “everything I have in my life, I worked for, I’m not a racist, I’ve never treated anyone badly”

How hard did you have to work? Did you have to work harder than others to get where you are? Have you ever in the deepest recesses of your brain been racist, smirked at a joke or felt justified in your privilege. Get honest and uncomfortable with yourself for a moment.


2 thoughts on “Get Uncomfortable

  1. Privilege is such a big concept in terms of how it affects us all in different ways, I liked the article so much in the ways it deconstructs privilege in academia –good read.

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