My Body, My Rights!!

The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation.

Pierre Trudeau, former Prime Minister of Canada proclaimed this statement back in the 1970’s and if you look at women’s rights, women’s social and economic standing, we have barely moved an inch since then.

The Conservative majority government of Canada wants to keep beating that dead horse based on their own uninformed religious, conservative infuriating beliefs.

If you want to add your voice to the following petition, be my guest:

11 thoughts on “My Body, My Rights!!

  1. You had me at hello

    I didn’t even have to get past the title to know that I would completely agree with you on this one. In addition to a border the United States and Canada seem to share infuriating trends or issues. I have BEEN preachin this one stateside to little effect…. I dont know why people continue to invite politicians and lawmakers to adjudicate and legislate their personal lives. Its all fun and games, no big worry, until its your turn…

    Keep spreadin the word!

    • Thanks! Harper is just so in love with American conservative politics is makes most of us up north furious! I think Canadians and Americans should be in solidarity with republican/conservative twits.

      • I agree! I would even go so far as to suggest that we take it to the extreme. Solidarity on a global scale, promoting governments and policies that operate in the interests of people and not corporations. The fewer distinctions we draw amongst ourselves the less successful “divide and conquer” becomes. Its hard for me to believe that if you were to break it all down, most people dont agree on many of the fundamentals regarding basic human needs and rights or expectations of the government, regardless of affiliations political or otherwise. We just allow ourselves to get wrapped up in the hyperbolic laden language of a media system that ceased to serve its societal function of “informing” people long ago. They just care what will sell subscriptions or copies and what will generate the most clicks.

        • If there were a super-like/love button, I’d be hitting it. Not to be trite ofcourse, but I emphatically agree! As long as we have waffling brokerage governments that bow to corporations and the almighty dollar, we’ll be forever mired in greed and backing wars for oil. What I wouldn’t give to see someone on this side of the pond volley the gross national happiness policy 🙂

          • For sure! I don’t know how to explain it but it always just seems so simple and basic thinking to myself, the system is obviously flawed, the way we are doing things is not working it needs fixing. But then when I think about it, about the actual fixing part, its like where do I even start….

            theres always protesting, but unless the protests are directly related to the demands and are expertly executed then they could actually serve as more of a hinderance than help, alienating instead of uniting and informing, rendering them at least partially useless. While I may not be the best at staying on task or with time management, I am not a fan of knowingly wasting time. But I will never say that action of some sort is necessarily a bad thing, even if it is misguided or not well executed. I dont know… now im rambling

          • lol but it’s a good ramble… when it overwhelms me about what to do, i just think: what can i do in my own space and my own community to inspire the butterfly effect. We can effect change on a grand scale by writing, being involved, cognizant of injustices whereever they are.

          • Yeah, I surely relate to that belief on a very personal scale. It was the motivation behind me wanting to become a teacher. The ironic side to this is it directly influenced my major and course path all through college and then upon graduation for whatever reason, it wasn’t. I just wish I had stuck to it more, despite California’s anti-teacher climate

          • Life has a way of pointing us to where we need to be even if we have no idea about it at the time. It might sound airy fairy but I kinda believe that, I wanted to be a journalist for that same reason but it lead me to be a counsellor/psychologist in training once I realised the media had zero power and were part of the problem.

          • No need to apologize for “airy fairy” belief standards. Although it may sound cliche if you’re familiar with the history of UC Berkeley or the Berkeley/San Francisco area, I also have a deeply rooted, “hippy”-esque belief system, minus the hygienic standards, of course. Journalism has in fact been a thought, probably in part because I despise what it has de-volved into in this day and age. No better place to shape change than the inside.

          • lol @ hygeine part. Yes, I’m quite familiar with that area. You’d be a good journalist I think. My fundamental flaw as a journalist is a raging case of shyness.

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