Hunger games

Day 1 Atkins…My urge for carbohydrates makes me want to tear someone’s head off!

chocolate, cake, icecream, coooooookies…mmmm

and you say to me

here, eat a pickle


2 thoughts on “Hunger games

  1. Don’t do it to yourself! Lol! Atkins is really bad for you. Any diet that deprives you of a particular food group isn’t good… Besides why would you want to force yourself to avoid eating a little of what you really like? Don’t let it drive you crazy!

    • u r right however i have a couple of health conditions that would not be as bad if i just lost weight…not an insane amount, and i get my carbs from veggies and my doctor is watching me…i should’ve added the disclaimer, this isn’t so i look good, it’s so my body cuts me a break…u r sweet to be concerned tho 🙂

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