Saying No For Yourself

Sometimes when we work ourselves too hard, particularly as women, we suppress our needs for self care in order to not disappoint.

This evening I had to do just that.

I have worked 3 days in a row and now my body is just ready for a break. So NO, I will NOT be going to the class I’m supposed to be attending for work tomorrow.

I might be letting people down, annoying people or disappointing my boss –well, there’s nothing I can do but listen to my body and take care of myself. What is more important to me in the long term?

A : Healthy body

B: Annoyed person who probably won’t be my boss anymore in a year or 2?

Yep, common sense.

peace, love and chocolate!!


4 thoughts on “Saying No For Yourself

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  3. I totally agree with you my friend. And Congratulations on being nominated by me for the “Very Inpiring Blogger” award. Go to my website for the details and rest. You can have a bonbon on me.

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