Things that scare me or, fun with your fight or flight response!

This blogger is funny and a delight!!

Lady Weirdington

These are all real things that have caused me to have a panic attack by triggering my fight or flight response.   Yes these things are equal to a tiger stalking me in the primordial forests of olde.

  • My loofah brush scraping against the bathroom door
  • The mailman
  • My wife being in the shower with me
  • Shadows
  • My hermit crabs click talking
  • Cassette tapes getting stuck in the player and slowing down all weird and scratchy and sounding like some demon language
  • Waking up to my dog staring at me (also possibly a demon)
  • Backpacks under the stairs
  • Wind, rain, thunder, lightning
  • Air planes flying overhead
  • The “artwork” at Winnipeg international airport
  • Thinking of sharks
  • Seeing sharks
  • Shark week on Discovery
  • Surprise tarantulas
  • The washing machine on spin cycle
  • The phone ringing ( I now keep ours on “we wish you a merry christmas”)

That’s all for today.

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