Family is an F word

It’s taking me everything I have to be civil right  now to my in-laws.

They sometimes act like the movie mean girls, particularly the younger in law. I’ll call them M and S.

S and my wife have a rocky relationship for good reason and that is no way remedied by M’s immature and passive aggressive-aggressive nature.

My wife and S both have chronic health issues, my wife, B is working with the medical professionals whose care she is under and taking an active role in the stewardship of her health. I’m extremely proud of her for the strength and courage she exudes daily for this.

What makes me angry is how B, who is sensitive gets sucked in to their pathological behaviour because they’re all related.

To say cutting and hurtful things to her that she can’t let go of is hard for me to witness and hard for me to reply to since B deserves peace and stability. I don’t want to inflame the situation by yelling or even responding in kind.

So this dear readers, if why you hear about it instead 😉

Were we in a position of power to leave our current situation tomorrow, I would do it.

I would take my little B and go to the farthest and loveliest corner of the earth to make her happy and enjoy away her days without further contact from them

However, that is her choice to make, not mine, and since we’re not in a physical or financial position to do this at the moment, it’s still fun to dream about.

Don’t mean to be negative, it’s just a dumping ground for my rage today.

Blessings fellow bloggers,

peace, love and easter chocolate.





4 thoughts on “Family is an F word

  1. This sucks. I don’t know why families often behave in this manner. The other problem, of course, is that family members tend to have an opinion on everything situation and think it’s their right and their duty to make their stance known. I think it sounds like you are in such a committed and loving relationship with your wife and that, ultimately, is what’s important. The rest is just bullshit which, unfortunately, you have to find a way to stomach. Stay strong, keep listening to Hawksley! 🙂

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