Kreativ Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated for the Kreativ blogger award by fellow blogger-friend, J85 so I am fulfilling my duty with gratitude 🙂

Thank you for nominating me J85, it’s nice to be thought of!!

What I like about her blog are the vignettes about her life and her kids, I like reading about parents who love their kids and who take a vested interest in their family. That might be reflected in who I nominate just a little 😉

10 things about me…hmmm

1. I believe unless some aspect of your life involves contributing to good in the world in some way, you’re never going to be fulfilled.

2. Coronation Street on CBC is one of my favourite shows, it makes me miss the UK.

3. My blogger name comes from a derivative of my nickname, which is, monkey. My wife calls me this around the house, in grocery stores at the doctor’s office, everywhere…and I answer 😛

4. Sandwiches are by far my favourite food, sandwiches and steak…okay, sandwiches and steak and all things dessert-related…ok, I just can’t pick.

5. I wore boys clothes even as a child, as my youngest uncle isn’t much older than me, I looked pretty cute in his hand-me-downs.

6. Apart from right now, I’ve broken almost every toe on my right foot and half of my fingers and an arm.

7. 3 has always felt like a lucky number to me.

8. Orange is my favourite colour, you just can’t be unhappy in an orange room.

9. I’m gender non-conforming, it’s the best way for me to identify as a person who buys all their clothes in the men’s department but has the body parts for the women’s department. To be contrary, I like to identify as ‘neither’!

10. I hate, hate, hate shopping.

Since it took me forever to think of the list of 10, here are 5 bloggers I nominate:







6 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. Hey Monkiss – have missed you! 🙂

    Thanks so much for the awesome nomination, loved your list of 10! Am off to put my Top-Hat…er, Thinking Hat on! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your nomination!
    And.. Thank you, monkiss, for mine. Your support means a lot. I never really got what the whole issue around gender is – everyone is a soul, and worthy of love and freedom of self expression. I hate shopping and many of my clothes are bought from the menswear department as they are the best clothes for farming. Truly, I would be happy if I never had to shop. Except for food and books. That’s much more my idea of fun! Much love to you ♥ xx

    • much love back! 🙂
      thank you for reading my stuff…just so you know, the person who i shared your post with put it on her desk top and reads it every morning to inspired herself…you are helping people with your words.

  3. Thanks for the nomination! I’m not a parent… but I would like to be some day!

    I also frequently get painted as gender non-conforming. But really, I’m genderqueer. I conform pretty well to being non binary.

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