brief note –** warning that there’s some words in here I wouldn’t say to kids, so if you’re a kid who stumbled on it, do me a favour and don’t tell me** (i don’t believe in protecting kids from the real world, but i don’t want to be responsible for “corrupting” other people’s kids…good deed done for today.)

You wanna get burned
You wanna get turned
You wanna get fucked inside out
You wanna be ruled
You wanna be fooled
You wanna be a woman like a man like a woman like a man
-Woman like a Man, Damien Rice

This song always made me think, back when dating my wife meant driving the 2 hours between the city she lived in and the hick-hole I was working in at the time, what does ‘like a man’ even mean?

I know all the normal stuff that gender and sexuality is a continuum and contrary to popular belief by most factions, the majority of us fall somewhere in the middle.

Wouldn’t it shock most conservatives to know that Kinsey determined most of us are bisexual?

For me, I guess, I find more difficulty in the part where peope assume all butch lesbians are ‘in transition’.

I don’t know what it’s like to want to be the ‘other gender’ and to be screwed some way by nature to notice you left the store with the wrong accessories.

I ‘do’ know what it’s like to be accused constantly of wanting to ‘be a man’ ‘act like a man’ and live my life ‘like a man’.

Just because some people, aeons before I was born, got together in a room and decided what was ‘manly’ and what was ‘womanly’ does not mean I agree to those terms and conditions.

I don't accept the terms and conditions of your social constructs

I like my mammary glands and I have no dislike for my genitalia and all the delightful things and sensations it allows me to experience.

My wife is also a pretty big fan.

I like all of those things about me and no, they don’t jive much with my brain or my preference in wardrobe. I still have no intention of changing anything to match anything else.

This is just my own experience.

Cue musical interlude:


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  1. Wow, it’s cool to hear a more upbeat track from Damien Rice… 😉

    I’m in a ‘straight’ couple but my man is constantly asking me if I’m secretly a lesbian… 🙂

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