Well…I have crabs

Pet crabs!

For B.’s birthday, I bought her 2 hermit crabs…Penelope and Houdini are their names.

For weeks they stayed buried beneath their coconut substrate, nocturnal and annoying as shit when all you hear at night is…clack…clackity clackity clack…clack clack clack clack clack…..silence…CLACK!

shut up!!!

They have a coconut hut and climbing rocks and a drinking sponge and a lovely terrarium.




True to form, Houdini got his name from me as, from day one, this little man was trying every minute of every waking hour to escape from his luxury habitat…

He’s a man’s man and is always kicking his roomie, Penelope, out of their shady space.

B. always convinced she’s not caring for them properly, would say every night:

“Ciaran, they’re dead. I just know I’ve killed them. I haven’t seen them for weeks and it smells in there.”

Being the sweet and sensitive spouse I would reply:

“Well, they’re $12 each at Petland. If they die, I’ll buy you more.”

I figure she’ll give me the same speech when we have our first child.

I don’t know what I’ll say to that except that I could conceivably kidnap someone’s kid at Petland?

This week, they came out from hiding again and holy shit…They’ve molted.

Houdini is gigantic.

I’m about ready to boil water and have him for dinner with garlic butter 😛

Just kidding wife! *I know you read my posts* 😉

He has easily tripled in size…from about the size of a large marble to the size of a golf ball.

For a hermit crab…he’s large and in charge.

So B. is a great crab mommy…They get fresh coconut, mango and some special crab supplements, cleverly called, ‘crab bites’.

Good job B. if they were left up to me, we’d have an expensive shell collection 😛



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