What’s Your Weird Thing?

My wife and I have a weird thing about monkeys.

I’ve been buying her sock monkeys for each time she was sick, her 2 surgeries last year, a flu, I can’t pass a stuffed monkey without wanting to add it to our collection.

In January when I had surgery, she came home with this little guy for me:


I used to think it was weird when people had bizarre collections.

But then when you have someone, a friend, a spouse, a child, something begins to symbolise that special relationship to you.

For my aunt and her husband, it was roosters, a friend I work with, she and her husband have a ‘thing’ with smurfs.

Do you have a special thing with someone? What is it?


6 thoughts on “What’s Your Weird Thing?

  1. Awesome monkey! 🙂 That is really sweet of you!

    I’ve just asked my man and he said that he buys jelly beans… I buy him licorice and, on occasion, New Scientist. This is why we’re both fat but happy. 🙂

  2. not with someone, but my son collected sock monkeys throught his whole childhood. I dont know where they ended up buthe must’ve had 25-30 by the time he grew up. My daughter now, she is a collector of bones, yes real animal (so far) bones. She was a little goth kid lol

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