Dirty ol music

These songs remind of being a kid, the stuff that reminds me of my dad’s 70’s mutton chops, cigarettes and stubby Canadian beer bottles and our lemon yellow chevy nova, my mom’s hot pink lipstick, perfume and tight sweaters.

Oh the early 80’s in a small town that was 10 years behind the rest of the world…this reminded my parents of their lost adolesence.

Come back with me won’t you?

Awesome guitar/bass – Barracuda -Heart

Hair of the Dog- originally Nazareth, remade for my generation by Guns N Roses

Black Betty – Ram Jam – classic

I hated it when this song would come on and my Dad would crank up the radio. I don’t know why. Now it makes me laugh:

Walk On The Wild Side – Lou Reed

Good memories of strange times in my childhood 🙂

Strike any chords with you?


6 thoughts on “Dirty ol music

  1. Love your selection here, fantastic post – this is right up my street! Heart are pretty damn feisty, eh? 🙂
    I’m not sure that I’d heard the ‘Hair of the Dog’ track before but G ‘n’ R make it incredibly fun! Love the little ‘Day Tripper’ riff at the end.
    ‘Black Betty’ is an awesome track. Do you remember that album ‘Reload’ that Tom Jones did back in the late 90s? It was collaborations/covers with hip young rockers. I remember him covering this and it was pretty cool. Not as good as the original.
    This ‘Radar Love’ track is completely new to me. You know that little riff in the background? It puts me in mind of the opening credits to ‘Nation Lampoon’s Vacation’, so funny.
    Lou Reed. He’s an interesting one, there’s something almost endearing about him. I often think that listening to him sing is like listening to little old man, the shaky, tinny voice. I kinda like him.
    Great post. 🙂

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