Obituary for Felix

Felix J. Monkersen, aka my Samsung flip phone
December 2007-May 27 2012
Age 4 years, 5 months
In the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba
Died of age related complications

Felix made many of these in his lifetime, he was good at it.

Felix was made in a warehouse in China probably some time in early 2007. He was diligently assembled and packaged and brought into my life in December of that year, when I really needed a phone for work.

I bought him in a new technology store after admiring him from afar for about a month.

He grew up in my loving care, took many photos, shared gossip and text messages about thousands of exciting adventures and the early dating of my wife. He was instrumental in our initial long distance relationship.

While he didn’t attend school, he did attend many workshops, jobs and volunteer opportunities and was reliable until the last few months when I could see he was not well.

This is a facsimile of Felix

Outside of travelling to Canada from the country of his birth, Felix travelled to New York, Newfoundland, Vancouver and beyond over his short years as my phone.

His main jobs and hobbies included, relaxing in my jacket pockets, being dropped on pavement, hiding beneath furniture, waking me up in the morning and giving me messages from my various bosses and potential job interviews.

He is pre-deceased by Max, our beloved Labrador retriever and leaves behind his loving moms, monkiss and wife, B.

Donations to the new smartphone fund graciously accepted in lieu of flowers.

Felix would’ve wanted it that way.

Felix J Monkerson will be laid to rest at a cellphone recycling box an electronics store, date and time to be announced.

Rest in Peace my faithful friend.


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  1. Is it wrong that I found this to be amazingly funny! Ooh, sorry! So mean! Love that you’re turned a shitty situation into such a fun one. I think he had a good innings! Really, four years and all that traveling? He’s done bloody well. May he rest in peace.

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