May is Masturbation Month!

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Ladies and gentlemen! You have one day to catch up if you haven’t yet been celebrating National Masturbation Month this May!

There are so many things I love about this, it’s not even funny. I love the reasons it exists. I love that U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders supported masturbation and wasn’t afraid to say it out loud. I love that because she was forced to retire, Good Vibrations got behind her and supported it as an important aspect of health.

I love the message:

It is! Free! Safe! Healthy!

I also feel really quite strongly that masturbation is really important for developing a healthy sexuality. I think it’s especially important for young women to have experience masturbating before they are heavily involved in a sexual relationship with a partner. It’s basically accepted that boys masturbate because, well, it’s just hanging there, so it’s kind of obvious. We learn…

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10 thoughts on “May is Masturbation Month!

  1. me too like the female figure much better
    but according to me June is the month!
    and of I go ….

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