Why I didn’t go to art school

Haha, no this drawing is not why.

If you read my post about whiteboard unicorns.com


then you’ll know this is where the inspiration came from.

Self portrait, circa 10 minutes ago.

Thank you to the awesome people posting delightful things on the interwebs for the inspiration 😀



“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.”

The motherless child

What do girls do who haven’t any mothers to help them through their troubles?

Louisa May Alcott

Damien Hirst, Virgin Mother

…I wish I knew the answer…

Motherless children
Have a real hard time
Motherless children
Have a such a real hard time
So long so long so long

Sometimes I feel
Like a motherless child
Sometimes I feel
Like a motherless child
So far away
-Louis Armstrong

Dreaming toward death

Sometimes, in the midst of depression, my safety devices are writing and my love for my wife.  

I want to be a breath away from fading into the sheets on my bed and into nothing.

Like that movie, A Neverending story, I feel like I’m in the nothing.

Then there’s the knowledge that death is very permanent and only seems like a distant pretty idea. Looks like it might work, looks like an option, but really, it isn’t…not at all…Almost like…communism?

My nails are dragging along the pages and keyboard, if I form them, I will stay, if I type, I am alive, I am here and I will stay.

It’s a sad commentary or the ramblings of a person who has managed chronic depression for 20 years, I have no idea which is more accurate.

It’s a beautiful sunny day – the sun is splitting the rocks, my grandfather would say. It’s 4 celsius but we haven’t seen a beautiful day like this in a long time. It makes my illness that much more, palpable, closer to the surface.

I am here, I am alive and for now, that is enough.

Wangechi Mutu

Sometimes this blog is an education for me and helps me to learn more about subjects I want to know more about but never get the time.

Ms. Mutu is a Kenyan woman and a fantastic artist. I discovered her just by googling around, yep, used google as a verb! and was so drawn to her work.

Educated in England, Wangechi Mutu now lives and works in New York though she’s been around the world with her exhibitions.

This Yale graduates amazing works are grotesque and amazing.

If you are anywhere near New York – I implore you to see her work.

“Mutu’s work explores the contradictions of female and cultural identity and makes reference to colonial history, contemporary African politics and the international fashion industry. Drawing from the aesthetics of traditional crafts, science fiction and funkadelia, Mutu’s works document the contemporary myth making of endangered cultural heritage.” – courtesy of artfix.com

Full On

Leonard Nimoy photography

If you’ve read my ‘about’ section or at least one or two other blogs dear reader, then you know I’m a lesbian.

And damned proud of it.

Though it’s hardly the most interesting thing about me or the only thing I care about or that interests me.

However, it contributes to my admiration of the nude female form and it’s exquisite beauty. Women’s bodies in all their power and magic have inspired sonnets, plays, statues, photography, paintings and an endless list of other media in art.

I am no scholar on the subject by any means but I know what I like and I know what experience has taught me.

Also, it has inspired me to invite you to check out Leonard Nimoy’s, The Full Body Project, a beautiful collection of photographs I stumbled upon while watching television. I don’t recall the program that featured him.

His images are respectful, joyful, real and non-exploitive which, when I look at an image of a nude woman, I appreciate.

Viewers aren’t stupid, which is what I would like to tell the producers of porn, magazines like GQ and Maxim and even the producers of porn videos.

Smart people like to look at nude bodies and can observe images and videos critically and spot objectification, exploitation or the feeling that the producers are catering to the basest of humanity.

I like to know that when art is produced that artists are mindful of their subjects and the amount of garbage out there already filling young minds with the notion of what bodies look like and should do in private spaces.

Some people I’m sure would kill me for mentioning GQ and art in the same sentence. No disrespect to the mainstream magazine industry or that publication in particular.

In conclusion, if you’re a discerning person who likes Mr Nimoy, photography or just naked pictures (hey, no judgment here, this is the interwebs after all!) then I am sure you will like his work as much as I do!

What Do You See?

What Do You See?

copyright Laura Aguilar

“Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos — the trees, the clouds, everything.”    

Thich Nhat Hanh

We women have had weight  issues shoved down our throats like fingers.

This is why I love Laura Aguilar’s photography. To the brainwashed viewer, perhaps this image looks grotesque or perhaps it’s like looking in a mirror.

Provocative used to mean, inspiring discussion not laying a young blond across a sports car to help a company make money.

I like this picture because it rarely inspires a neutral response.

 Sit with it, meditate on it for a while and search what meaning it holds for you.

I’m not here to tell you anything you don’t already know about the ‘facts’ of weight.

It can lay on your chest like a feeling of personal failure if you’ve battled with it all your life.

Some people don’t want to admit they think its sexy.

Fat is healthy or it can kill, like thin can, really when you think about it.

For me, fat was something people warned me about as a child. I was  called ‘cow’ or ‘moose’ or any other number of things. I’m no larger than a lot of women, bigger than some, smaller than others.

Some of those words I internalized and some I embraced and tried to remember, before I got married, I had a rich and wonderful dating life, social life and no one ever asked me to leave when I undressed in front of them.

My best revenge from my teenage tormentors is that I am living well. I hope you can live well too.

No one is more worthy of your love than you are.