Dear Mr.Harper, meet the Radical Handmaids won’t you?

“Maybe none of this is about control. Maybe it isn’t really about who can own whom, who can do what to whom and get away with it, even as far as death. Maybe it isn’t about who can sit can who has to kneel or stand or lie down, legs spread open. Maybe it’s about who can do what to whom and be forgiven for it. Never tell me it amounts to the same thing.” Chapter 23Margaret Atwood, A Handmaid’s Tale

Dear Stephen Harper:

I see what you’re doing and I don’t like it one god damned bit.

Cutting the time the public has to respond to environmental assessments, dismantling social programs, under funding Aboriginal education programs and this….motion 312. You and your politics sicken me.

As feminists, we are the victors of small battles but we’re miles away from winning the war against your kind. And by that, I don’t mean men (some men are awesome, supportive allies) I mean conservatives, religious right, classist, white people who suffer from entitlement issues.

In a previous post I wrote called: my body, my rights, I mentioned motion 312 – this is a Canadian Conservative government initiative to decide when ‘life begins’ in the womb.

A body of male politicians will be working on this report with no input, it would appear, from the 51% of people in this country who it affects most.

This is what women in this country are doing about it:

I am not just ranting about this, I’ve done something about it as well. I wrote my local Member of Parliament saying that this was disgraceful and I did not want her to support it.

I read online she is choosing not to support it because apparently, she has received from pressure from her constituents. YAY!!!

Personally, pregnancy is not something I have to worry about on a day-today basis, but my straight female friends do.

If they don’t have access to safe and affordable birth control and reproductive health options, then I’m going to join in the fight. My straight friends were allies in the fight for same-sex marriage, I support their right to choose.

The more voices, the harder it will be to ignore us…I’m not easily ignored Mr. Harper 😉


How To Handle Racists

Here’s a story I just found from one of Canada’s national newspapers about an anti-racist rally that chased some ‘white pride’ demonstrators into the subway.

The craziest thing is that all these people who were so proud to be white, wore masks to the rally.

Huh, weird.

My Body, My Rights!!

The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation.

Pierre Trudeau, former Prime Minister of Canada proclaimed this statement back in the 1970’s and if you look at women’s rights, women’s social and economic standing, we have barely moved an inch since then.

The Conservative majority government of Canada wants to keep beating that dead horse based on their own uninformed religious, conservative infuriating beliefs.

If you want to add your voice to the following petition, be my guest: