Dirty ol music

These songs remind of being a kid, the stuff that reminds me of my dad’s 70’s mutton chops, cigarettes and stubby Canadian beer bottles and our lemon yellow chevy nova, my mom’s hot pink lipstick, perfume and tight sweaters.

Oh the early 80’s in a small town that was 10 years behind the rest of the world…this reminded my parents of their lost adolesence.

Come back with me won’t you?

Awesome guitar/bass – Barracuda -Heart

Hair of the Dog- originally Nazareth, remade for my generation by Guns N Roses

Black Betty – Ram Jam – classic

I hated it when this song would come on and my Dad would crank up the radio. I don’t know why. Now it makes me laugh:

Walk On The Wild Side – Lou Reed

Good memories of strange times in my childhood 🙂

Strike any chords with you?


How’s Your Blackberry?

In the small east coast town where my father is from, we’re closer to our Irish heritage than perhaps alot of people.

For us, British comedies from across the pond were a Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening treat with my grandparents.

I don’t know what was funnier sometimes, laughing at my nanny and poppy crack up over what they were watching or the skits themselves.

Now that my grandfather has been dead and gone for 19 years, I look at this with tear and a smile.

Enjoy 🙂

Too Beautiful

It’s much too nice a day to stay inside. The weather is beautiful, sunny, not warm, but actually hot!

Me and my book hobble to the front door to get some much-needed vitamin D.

I’m so lucky to live across the street from a lovely treed park and a playground.

It gives me a chance to indulge in one of my favourite activities; people watching.

While sitting on my front step, reading in the warm spring sun, I watched a man and his daughter. He looked to be a young Dad and she was about three.

He was watching her with pride and encouragement as she climbed the structure, close enough to see to a skinned knee, but far enough away to say “I trust you,” to her.

“Look at me!” she called, climbing a little higher than maybe she did on their last park visit.

“That’s amazing!” He replied, “you’re doing awesome!”

I’m not a parent yet, but I see myself being like this guy.

In very early life, about 2 or 3, my Dad used to take me to the park like that, it’s a cherished memory from when I was a kid.

We would play on the old statues, feed the ducks, play on the swings, it was a very large city park that you could easily spend the whole day at as a child and I spent many days as a kid swimming in the big pool, running through the bushes and playing on the tire swings.

What reminds you of summer as a child?