Monkiss after dark: queer erotic fiction

This post is inspired by an aspiring LGBT erotica writer I’ve been conversing with…

Some feminists disagree with my viewpoint that erotica made for women and by women that stars women is still part of the patriarchal paradigm.

I don’t buy that. Just because I was raised and socialised in a male-dominated society, does not mean I can’t twist the male gaze, break it’s neck and manipulate it to my own ends…I enjoy sex on my own terms and the male-dominated society I live in has no business in my bedroom.

Particularly when it comes to reading books by writers of good porn.

This brings me to Pat Califia, now Califia-Rice…

Important and seminal titles to add to your queer erotica library, if you haven’t yet:

Macho Sluts: Erotic Fiction

Doc and Fluff, The dystopian tales of a girl and her biker

Set in Stone: Butch on Butch erotica

This is an excerpt from Califia’s skilled writing hand…

“Butches need my hands,
My mouth, my eyes,
Because I see, I handle, I bestow
The hard-on, the female phallus,
The sweet prick of androgyne
Forever erect at the service of women.

Understand me—
My tricks are butches.
not men, not boys,

Even if they seem like boys
with female parts to you,
I know they are women.
And I am there for the part of them
That needs to be taken out of control—
Not with contempt,
Not as competition,
But as a reassurance, a reminder,
Of the body’s truth
Inside the fantasy,
The body that makes
All fantasies possible.

I am, after all, a lesbian.
I lust after beautiful women,
and Butches are the most beautiful women
In the world.”

It’s literature like that which makes me happy to be who I am and to love who I love.