Dirty ol music

These songs remind of being a kid, the stuff that reminds me of my dad’s 70’s mutton chops, cigarettes and stubby Canadian beer bottles and our lemon yellow chevy nova, my mom’s hot pink lipstick, perfume and tight sweaters.

Oh the early 80’s in a small town that was 10 years behind the rest of the world…this reminded my parents of their lost adolesence.

Come back with me won’t you?

Awesome guitar/bass – Barracuda -Heart

Hair of the Dog- originally Nazareth, remade for my generation by Guns N Roses

Black Betty – Ram Jam – classic

I hated it when this song would come on and my Dad would crank up the radio. I don’t know why. Now it makes me laugh:

Walk On The Wild Side – Lou Reed

Good memories of strange times in my childhood 🙂

Strike any chords with you?


kind over matter

The best thing I ever did in my life was volunteer to become a crisis counsellor.

It helped me search beneath the surface of my my own mind for the reasons I was compassionate with people who hurt and neglected me from childhood to present day.

There was a reason…and I knew it was buried somewhere but training to be a counsellor helped me find the words.

It also helped me find the boundaries to know when that compassion had run its course and it was time to walk away for my own protection.

The soul knows how to heal wounds of all kinds but sometimes the heart might be a little unwilling to let go as much as the mind.