What I Did On My Summer Vacation Life

Hi everyone! I’ve missed you all so much.

How was your summer? What was your favourite memory?

Maybe you haven’t made one yet….maybe you made one today.

Aaah summer…I didn’t do this enough this year.

Here’s my summer in a top 10 list:

1. Birthday!
B made me an awesome cake and we went out for dinner. We always have fun together she and I.

2. Work
Vacationing co workers meant 12 hour days, a lot of icecream and running through the sprinklers with the boys.
We had a pretty crazy amount of fun.

This was totally me. Waffle cones, cups, sundaes, you name it, I ate it!

3. Stay-cation
Eat. sleep. Beers on patios with friends. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

From the Canadian comedy show, Corner Gas, as long as you got a lawn chair and a Kokanee Beer, it might as well be Punta Cana to me!

4. Anniversary
Married for 2 years and she still doesn’t wanna kill me.
We were here for brunch.

The Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg. Best Food EVER!


5. Sleeeeeep
After a month of 12-14 hours shifts and hiring new staff, I was tired!

6. Go to the gym.
I can now run 4.5 miles. Hobbling to the bathroom seems like a distant memory!
But my feet look like the feet of 2 different people stuck on my same body.

…not my actual feet!

7. Train for a second job.
More money, more other people’s problems.

Maybe I should charge more

8. Get ready for school.
Spend summer saving, spend it all on my future in one afternoon *sigh*

Canada’s $100 bill, part see-through/part made of polymer…whose dumb idea was this?

9. Seem to be constantly busy!

10. Think of you my fellow bloggers, with love and fondness! …xo

Peace,Love and a few weeks left of summer here in the Northern Hemisphere.



Music to calm a shitty day

I’m just gonna yell this in my underpants and eat soy icecream and know tomorrow is Friday and Friday…is good.

If I’m lost please don’t find me
if I jump let me sink
we descended from no one
with a wink