F Word – on March 8 scream it at everyone!

Feminist! There, I said it.

I don’t know why young women think this word is evil and usually associate it with angry, man-hating lesbians who worship the moon and I don’t know, animal sacrifice?

There is a definite backlash against women who choose to identify themselves as feminist, even though the word feminist simply means believing in equal rights for women.

Believe we have equal rights do you?

Then why are politicians making decisions behind closed doors about birth control?

Who does the giving birth? women.

Did you know we all still make 70 cents to a man’s dollar?

Why aren’t half the CEOs in the world women since the population is 54% women and 46% men?

Were you ever told you couldn’t do something because ‘nice girls’ don’t do that?

Do you envision a future for your daughters and granddaughters as one where women get famous through sex-tapes and appearing on ‘reality’ tv?

When female politicians are judged on their looks, asked about their families, ‘what does your husband think?’

That young men are still slapped on the back and called studs when they sleep with young women and youmng women are still called sluts…

Doesn’t this make you angry and sad? It makes me surly and hostile.

International women’s day is coming, find out what’s happening in your community to honour that day and show people in your town, your city and your country, that feminists are real women, with husbands or children, jobs and happy lives who simply demand a fair piece of the pie.

“Men, their rights and nothing more, women, their rights and nothing less.”

If you have time, visit the website for international women’s day:


give to an organization that helps women, volunteer or just write your own blog about it. I challenge you!



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