Captivity…Week 9

For the record, this is not my actual foot, just the closest image I could find representative of it. This image is from,

(My right foot is a melodramatic lady named Ruby and since her injury, her postcards from the edge have been arriving for my left foot, Agnes, who is much more sedate and practical…Agnes is growing tired of Ruby’s whining so I posted her latest correspondence here….enjoy!)

Dear Monkiss’s Left Foot,

It has been weeks since I’ve seen the light of day and I’m beginning to wonder if it exists.

I have marked the days since we’ve last seen each other by resting and contemplating my predicament; my 5th metatarsal remains in pieces and the journey back to wellness seems painfully long, drawn out and filled with despair.

My skin is a dried husk and I feel like a shell of my former agile self, noticeably smaller and sometimes hopelessly malformed by edema.

The walking boot is well-worn and feeling less like a home and more like a run down prison.

I hope in my absence you have not grown tired of hearing about my travailles since my letters to you are my only connection to the outside world.

My tormentors come less regularly now; they have stopped their prodding and weekly harassments as to my true condition. They know it to be grave.

For brief moments when I feel the light on my skin and the warmth of a soothing bath, I know I’m alive and I have the strength to move forward, whatever the setbacks.

Yours in Solidarity, Monkiss’s Right Foot