Why I Hate Give Away Weekend

“Opportunity makes the thief”

2 weekends a year, these people are allowed to troll our property for free shit.

It’s an incentive of our city that if you no longer want/need a piece of furniture, clothing, books, anything, you put it out on the designated weekend and your fellow city-dwellers have carte blanche to take it off your hands.

Some people like to bend those rules:

Last year people stole a few hundred dollars of my neighbour’s patio stones.

Cars drive up and down your back lane, where the garbage pick up is done, where you park your car, and troll for stuff.

I feel like patrolling my house with a baseball bat.

You could say I don’t like strangers creeping around looking for things I’ve left outside.

That doesn’t mean the intentions are not good,

the one person’s junk is another person’s treasure, situation.

I’m just not a huge fan of this idea.

Am I a glass half empty kinda person? Am I a ‘water in the glass is poisoned’ kinda person?

Not all the time 😛