Which One Were You In Highschool?

John: I just wanna know how one becomes a janitor because Andrew here is very interested in pursuing a career in the custodial arts.

I spent this morning, enjoying my orange juice and Breakfast Club.

I saw this movie in the mid/late 80’s when my best friend and I watched tv alone in her house.

It was so far removed from our experience as elementary school kids as to be foreign.

Oh the perceived glamour of high school

What better way to spend your holiday Monday than to watch 80’s movies and eat homemade pizza?

I can’t think of anything better!

What was your highschool experience like?


All Families Are Psychotic…or are they?

Without hyperbole or exaggeration, I was inspired to write a post about my family and in short:

Shameless is a tv show about a white trash family with screwed up parents where the oldest girl is the only authority figure. She plays mom, cook, counsellor to her bipolar mom who refuses treatment and her drunk dad.


They had me knocking down the door to the guidance counsellor’s office when I was fifteen. I was attempting to negotiate my way into government custody. I was unsuccessful.

In a house like that…you have to wait to have your angsty “am I or am I not a lesbian?” That comes when you move out on your own and discover the question and the answer to all life’s problems…alcohol!

Homer knows his stuff!

“I like my beer cold… my TV loud… and my homosexuals flaming.”–Homer Simpson

The End