Baow Chicka Wow Wow: History Of “Missionary Position”

I like words and cliches alot.

While reading the Globe and Mail, one of Canada’s national newspapers/the one that sucks less, I was reading about non-paternity. (when dudes are duped into raised kids that are not theirs).

I found this:

Remember kids, use a condom!


It was interesting, so I thought I’d share.


Watch Your Language

Hey folks,

I’m planning a new blog! I like monkiss as unfocussed as it is from day-to-day, with art, personal stories and soap box stuff, the next one is devoted to a nerdy love of mine:


I’m going to do a word a day with some photography to go with it…I think; photos from around my city.

Submit a blog title recommendation if you like. So far I’m using my wife’s feedback and we don’t seem to like each other’s suggestions – so far.